• Analog Pussy - Alive

    Author: Roberdo
    Date: Oct 20, 2009

    First Video from AP's upcoming new album. Animation by Kenny Tai.

  • Analog Pussy - Right and Wrong

    Author: AP
    Date: Nov 20, 2009

    Second Video from upcoming Analog Pussy album.

  • Antaris Festival 2016, Germany

    Visit Website

  • Astronom

    Astronom is a Dj and music artist from Marburg, Germany. He plays under the label Sangoma Records and is a familiy member of

  • Bleep - DJ Skunkbeat

  • Chaishop is not gonna die

    Author: Sam Date: Feb. 11, 2014 Contrary to popular believe is not gonna die!

  • Cosinus

    Thrilling sets of poweful underground Psy Trance come from Cosinus, a Dj and Sounddesigner for Sangoma Records, Germany.

  • Cosinus

    Beautiful Set from Cosinus -Thank you!

  • Cosmic Tantra

    Since childhood Cosmic Tantra has had an affection for music and arranging and mixing of cuts. He only started Djing in 1999 after the solar eclipse party "Solipse" in Hungary.

  • Cosmic Vibration, Germany

    The Live Act "Cosmic Vibration" from Munich, Germany has a great start with the first Album "COS". "Cosmic Vibration" are Tom Tiefenbacher, Jens Zygar and singer Tuulia from Finnland.

  • DJ D Nox

  • DJ Daksinamurti, Germany

    Daksinamurti (दक्षिणामूर्ति) is a psychedelic trance artist and Ethnologist from Marburg, Germany. Besides DJ’ing for over a decade, Till is managing the labels Sangoma and Timecode Records, and producing the Live act Android Spirit with his friend Josef (Tickets).

  • DJ Marco Morelle

  • DJ Mikadho @ VuuV 2007

    Author: Roberdo
    Date: Okt 23, 2007

    Nice video of Chaishop´s export classic DJ Mikadho...

  • DJoanna

    Being among the longest-serving female DJs of the German Psy Trance scene.

  • DJs Montagu & Golkonda

    The nineties drew to a close when a new style evolved from the original Psy Trance scene.

  • Dsompa

    Dsompa is the Tibetan meaning for “flowing together”, and is the project of Philipp based in Hamburg, Germany, a passionate Dj and producer.

  • Earthquake Open Air Gathering 2016, Germany

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  • Equinox Records

    Equinox Records is a German music label founded by DJ Scientist in late 2002.

  • Fluoro Flites Bodypainting

    Author: Natalie
    Date: Mar 20, 1999

    Besonders auf den Open Airs werden sich wieder viele anmalen lassen, um so im Rausch des UV-bestrahlten Dancefloors ein Wochenende lang der Realwelt zu entfliehen.


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